linguistic index, online interface

If anything were to happen to my parents, there would be no one left who could engage and receive my sister in conversation as she deserves. The McGuire Memorial and EOC (Employment Option Center) have requested an audio CD with side-by-side verbal pronunciations of the words in my sister’s vocabulary, spoken both by her and our mother, to eventually serve as her surrogate.

Of course, literacy in Juli’s linguistic system is complex and non-commodifiable unlike commercial language resources such as Rosetta Stone.

As her sister, I am initiating an online index which beings to navigate the complexities of her communications: an impossible guidebook, but a resource nonetheless.

She hears us, we just have a hard time hearing her.

subtitled, animated GIFs

The interface includes:

-contextualizing conversational video footage.
-subtitled GIFs where sign language is used, both standardized by ASL and not.
-soundbytes of verbal pronunciations.
-footnotes which aim to contextualize and/or categorize the origin of Juli’s verbal and signified representations.

The index currently accounts only for Juli’s daily narrative in care and activities. It will be maintained, updated, and streamlined as necessary.

This is a work in progress.